Hallelujah! Launch day is finally here! I am bursting with pride to announce that Marooned in Aggieland: A Bumbling Brit Discovers College Football, Guns N’ Waffles is now available to order through both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I will keep it short and sweet as if you buy a copy, you will be treated to more than enough of my ramblings, but it’s been an epic (and turbulent!) journey to get to this point and I genuinely hope and pray that Aggies across the world will enjoy the book as much as I did living through/writing it.

Blurb: Four weeks after the London Olympics, a bored, jaded and remarkably unsuccessful sports-comedy writer sat down to watch college football for the first time. Little did he know, in twelve months he would trek across the pond and live through a heavy chunk of the 2013 season. The destination? An American state that is five times the size of his homeland. During this heart-warming expedition into Aggieland’s spirited maroon seas, he humorously embraces the infamous traditions, pageantry and stark cultural differences that encompass Texas A&M University and college football. Throw in 450 pints of beer, gun-wielding Houston gang members and a polarizing Heisman Trophy winner, and you’re still barely scratching the surface of an oblivious Brit’s truly unique story.


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Also, you can buy the book in store at Aggieland Outfitters or from the Barnes & Noble in the MSC on the Texas A&M campus.

Thanks so much & Gig ‘em!