I Threw A Fajita At My Television

In this encapsulating world, there are two types of people. Those that choose to consciously hurl a handful of Tex-Mex at their 46-inch plasma, and those who don’t.

I’ll be straight up and admit that I had always staunchly believed I was a proud member of the “Mexican cuisine is better in ya belly, than over your tele” brigade.

Until Saturday.

As I woke up to the heavenly atmosphere that only the commencement of a weekend can bring, I felt confident that my day would at least deliver more glory than traipsing to work and wishing 5pm would arrive in the blink of an eye.

Instead, I had a full day of sport, beer and a cheeky helping of Old El Paso to get my juices flowing.

The headline act was obvious. Texas A&M’s showdown with Arkansas was kicking off at 20:30 GMT and was set to be nationally shown on our poxy watered down British version of ESPN. There were to be no dodgy streams hogging my withering bandwidth. No, just pure high def.

When it comes to sports, I am a self certified pessimist. Anything better than mediocrity is widely celebrated until the proverbial cows come home. A cocktail of this philosophical outlook engrained into my soul along with Kirky Herbstreit tipping the Bacon Butties to win had me striding the length of my living quarters in a nervous and erratic manner.

The soothing sights of Johnny Manziel and Coach Sumlin enjoying a plethora of LOL’s on the sideline helped to calm me down. We got this.

*Fast-forward an hour or two*

Splat. FYI, that was the sound of a well-packed fajita hitting the immaculately flat surface of my Samsung appliance.

Perhaps we haven’t got this.

With peppers that I’d affectionately nicknamed “Julius” slowly promenading down the dusty screen, I was forced to watch replays of a ghastly fake punt result in an Arkansas touchdown.

Luckily, the Fajita Gods didn’t look down unfavorably at my moment of madness and instead rewarded me and Aggies across the planet with an inspiring and heart-attack inducing victory in overtime.

Strangely, the Tortilla Gods don’t seem to appreciate Texas Tech in the same way….

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