The Calm Before The Drafty Storm

It’s hard to believe it’s four months since Texas A&M were victorious in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

Since that fateful day, the trials and tribulations have been nothing short of remarkable. As well as advancing to a socially acceptable level on Flappy Birds, I have witnessed the gradual refurbishment of a furniture showroom that sits roughly twenty yards from my living quarters.

However, proceedings haven’t all provided such glorious stimulation. I have found myself wasting away as the arduous wait for the NFL Draft draws to a close.

Genuinely, if I have to see the words ‘Mock Draft’ ever again, there’s a high degree of certainty I will internally combust. Likewise, if I hear another so-called ‘draft expert’ claim a prospect is going to be a failure because they are not seven-feet tall, I may just eat a taco and call it a day.

Did these draft gurus not witness Russell Wilson lead the Seattle Seahawks to the Lombardi Trophy in February? Or taken notice of a cheeky chappy called Drew Brees? Clearly not.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand what the prototypical NFL quarterback is – basically, Andrew Luck. However, the direction of the NFL is changing. Dual-threat quarterbacks are all the range. Before tearing his knee into a million pieces, RG3 showed how devastating the new breed of quarterbacks can be.

Regardless, that’s a debate that can be saved for another riveting day. Instead, I prefer to dream about the London-Aggie-Jaguars. Yep, you read that correctly.

It is reported with the third pick in the draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars are considering taking any of the three Texas A&M heavyweights that are predicted to go off the board in the top 10.

Why stop there? If I was general manager of the Jags, I’d do a Mike Ditka and trade everything to acquire Manziel, Matthews and Evans. I wouldn’t just chuck draft picks around, I’d sweeten deals by throwing in pork loins, fake ID’s and gallons of porridge. Then, I’d move the team to London and see out the rest of my days on a diet of fish, chips and beer.

As everyone knows, the Dallas Cowboys are nicknamed, ‘America’s Team’. However, the Jags are already pencilled into play a game in London for the next three years – does that make them ‘Britain’s Team’? Well, if Chad Henne is their quarterback – NO. However, if they’re lining up with a glut of Aggies – welcome, come on in – shall I put a pot of tea on? Crumpets?

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