Another Weekend. Another Deadline

It’s official. I am a man on a mission.

By midnight on Sunday, I plan to be swigging on champagne, devouring truffles and river-dancing around the perimeter of my writing booth.

Why the projected celebratory mood? Because I am on the brink of finishing the first draft of a slab of literature that is affectionately labelled as ‘BOOK’ on my laptop.

If things go to plan, I may even treat myself to a footlong at Subway. For a prolonged period of time, I have been restricting myself to disappointingly small six-inch offerings from the popular green and yellow, sandwich-based franchise.

What else!? I hear you ask. Well, I’m not prepared to go overboard. There is still a long, windy and more than likely, turbulent, road ahead. Just the thought of the editing process alone makes me feel exceptionally nauseous.

How will I celebrate the final version? I’ll probably be too tired to even consider painting the town red by then.

However, the glorious part is that there is now some light at the end of the tunnel. With weeks creeping by, excitement is steadily building towards the planned September release date.

It’s crazy to think that it’s halfway through March already. When I got home from Aggieland, I was thrown into the dead of England’s winter. Unsurprisingly, these months are never much fun. For example, extreme flooding resulted in our family home going without electricity for most of Christmas Day. It wasn’t an ideal scenario.

Summer seemed like a lifetime away, until last weekend. The sun peeked its nose through the gloomy, dark clouds for the first time in as long as I can remember. The villagers joined each other to rejoice in harmony.

Will we be lucky enough to see the sun again this weekend? Who knows. Either way, I probably won’t be in a position to find out. Apart from slapdash adventures to the supermarket to stock up on essentials, it’s highly likely that I’ll be too busy immersing myself into meeting my pending deadline.

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