National Signing Day Eases The Pain

I’m not afraid to hold my hands up and admit that I’m currently suffering from a heavy bout of post-Super Bowl depression.

The worst thing about waking up on Monday wasn’t the realization that there is no more football for the next six months. Instead, it was something far worse.

Once I had arisen from my slumber, the sorry state of the kitchen consolidated my already precarious mood. Less than twenty four hours before, the chicken tenders, bottles of beer and various packets of crisps sat patiently.

Now, they were draped across my living space in a way that suggested a small bomb had been detonated from behind the bread bin.

For a brief moment, I considered rewatching the Super Bowl amongst the debris. I wanted to hang onto the football season for one more day.

Why? Because the next few months are going to be hell. Instead of telling friends and family that I’m booked up on weekends because of an ‘American hobby’ they don’t understand, I’m now forced to socialize and partake in dreadful activities such as country walks.

Fortunately, not all is lost until late-August. As well as the draft and combine, there is College Football’s ‘National Signing Day’ tomorrow – this is the first day that a high school senior can commit to a university.

When it comes to NSD, that’s pretty much all I know about it.

A lot of people’s knowledge on scouting and recruiting is on another level. Me? My knowledge comes under the ‘log onto twitter and hope Kevin Sumlin has thrown up another #YESSIR’ category.

Once I’ve read Coach’s glorious catchphrase, I scroll the archives of the internet hoping to find this new player is tipped to be the next Peyton Manning, although after Sunday, perhaps Peyton is not the best example to use.

My extensive research doesn’t end there. If I’m feeling cheeky and my broadband speed isn’t causing me to throw objects out of the nearest window, I may even watch a two-minute clip of this new ‘stud’ on Youtube. This often results in me watching videos of Loch Ness Monster sightings and compilations of bears acting like humans.

PS. Coach Sumlin, in the extremely unlikely scenario that you’ll read this, I’ll keep my phone on just in case you’re looking to recruit me as kicker. I’m not sure many other kickers can claim to have booted a can of Cola over their neighbors fence. My track record literally speaks for itself.

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