A Weekend Full Of Football? Yes Please

It’s that time of year again. The best time of year.

This is when you get a weekend literally packed with football.

Starting with College Gameday at 9am on a Saturday and ending with the NFL’s Monday Night Football, there is something for everyone.

Well, when I mean everyone, I just mean football fans.

But they are the only people that matter, right?

Earlier, I watched the Redskins get smoked. Not that I can brag, my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers got their asses handed to them on a plate yesterday by the HUGE NFL superpower.. the Tennessee Titans. Don’t mind me whilst I sob quietly in the corner.

I had gone into the game quietly confident. Even after a 0-4 preseason record, there is something about the Steelers that you can never quite rule out.

And if we were going to do anything this year, then a victory over the Titans was a genuine must.

Within two seconds, the Steelers took a 2-0 lead through a hilarious safety. The Titans kick returner made a rib-tickling error that saw him pick up the ball just outside the endzone and then step back inside it to give the 2013 NFL season a comical start.

Unfortunately, that is where the laughs started and ended. Minutes later, Steelers multiple Pro Bowl center, Maurkice Pouncey, was carted off with a torn ACL. His campaign was over. Things couldn’t get any worse.

Well, technically they could, as Pittsburgh went onto get humiliated. They eventually clocked up about 7 yards in total on offense. With the Pirates also losing, I dread to think what the suicide rates in Western Pennsylvania could have been yesterday.

Away from the depressing stuff, I’m currently watching the Houston Texans take on the San Diego Chargers. I thought it would be fitting to watch the Texans with the locals.

Currently, they are 7-0 down and I have already witnessed incredible scenes. After the San Diego touchdown, a flip flop, yes, a flip flop, was flung at the projector showing the game. I can safely say that I’ve never seen that before.

I almost hope to see more touchdowns, just to see what else will be chucked. On second thoughts, I’m quite near the projector, so far my own safety, come on Texans.

In my situation of danger, I thought I’d comfort myself with some smashing grub. Texas cheeseburger slammers. These mini cheeseburgers are surrounded by a mountain of fries.

I haven’t seen a salad in weeks. It comes to something when you start to view a tuna sandwich as a healthy meal.

On the topic of things I haven’t yet seen, I’ve been lucky enough to not see one of the things that Texas is most famous for… Guns. Long may that continue!