Welcome Back to The NFL

After months of anticipation, the NFL finally returns tonight. Well, in one hour actually. This is the definition of a last minute blog. And what? Quit judging me.

Whilst the uber-serious NFL soundtrack plays out, I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

With the Ravens-Broncos kicking off the NFL season, I am torn.

On one hand, as a fully fledged member of Steeler Nation, I have to hope that the Ravens lose by default.

However, I also despise Peyton Manning. Just looking at the dude for longer than a second sends me to sleep. I would genuinely compare his personality to that of a fridge. Yes, I did just look around the room and name the first thing that I saw.

The irony is, if the fridge gets too cold, it doesn’t do its job properly. Just like Peyton!

Luckily, Joey Flacco is hardly a beacon of light either. His eyebrows are genuinely terrifying.

Yes, despite my dislike for Peyton, I hope the Broncos tear the Ravens apart. The AFC North implications alone mean that if the Ravens win tonight, it will be a superb start for them. Saying that, I do hope it’s a decent game.

And if it’s not? I’ll just go back to preaching about how I prefer college football anyway ;)