Finally Sampling SEC Football at Kyle Field

After experiencing the tradition of midnight yell, I was rather pumped for A&M’s first game of the season.

I had set my alarm for some ridiculous hour. I was in no mood to oversleep. After all, it was over 100 degrees outside, so if I was late there would be no chance of me rushing to the stadium without suffering a serious heart problem.

Alas, my trusty body clock prospered and I was awake well before I had originally scheduled to rise from my slumber.

Within half hour, I found myself in a popular breakfast outlet called Denny’s. I took on a meal that was called ‘The Lumberjack Slam’. Yes, it was as brutal as it sounds.

After demolishing the two sausages, two bacon, two pancakes, two eggs (sunny side up), fried potatoes and four slices of toast, I quickly departed with my pride intact.

As I roamed the sidewalks of College Station, I quickly noticed that I was the odd-one out. I was the only person not wearing a cap.

In England, the sun shines every 90 days or so. A cap is a complete luxury. Infact I’m not entirely sure that Americans even call them caps, but for now, sod it. I bought a cap.

It was a bloody good call. As I got the stadium, the heat was registered at 102 degrees. I found my seat in the open sun and immediately made the decision that I’d hang out at the back of the stand in the shade until the game got underway. I then proceeded to buy two litres of water for $10. A ridiculous amount of money for water, but when it’s the difference between life and death, I think $10 can be seen as a drop in the ocean.

So I completed the uneasy transaction. By the time the game finished, the second litre tasted like genuine bath water. But at least I was alive and kicking.

In terms of the actual game, it was like no sporting event I had ever been to. As I walked in the direction of Kyle Field I quickly joined a group of Aggies that were extremely excited about the game. Every few seconds, they would let out a loud ‘WHOOP!’.

After a few sequences, I grew in confidence and thought I’d join in. Unfortunately, my voice does not possess the high-pitched tone needed to make the ‘WHOOP’ sound natural. Instead, I sounded like a bloated lesbian. I cringed and pretended that I was I only fooling around. Deep down, I knew I wasn’t. I was a sham.

Anyway, the game got underway and A&M started rather slowly. It wasn’t until the second quarter until we took the lead. Even though the Aggies were huge favorites, the pessimist in me thought perhaps the unthinkable could happen. Luckily, it didn’t. The full time score was Rice Owls 31-52 Texas A&M.

The highlight of the game was Johnny Manziel coming on at the start of the second half. The roar that went around Kyle Field and the salute that followed from Johnny was almost enough to bring a tear to the eye. Luckily as I was so dehydrated, my body wasn’t in the mood to give up any unnecessary H2O.

And so there we have it. My first taste of SEC Football. In brutal honesty, it was a bit of a cakewalk for A&M but I’m not complaining. A win is a win.

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