Understanding The Spirit of Aggieland

This was written just 24 hours after arriving in College Station, Texas.

After touching down in Houston yesterday, I’ve been acclimatizing to the Texas lifestyle.

This lifestyle includes a lot of walking, walking and more walking.

As Texas is so huge (literally massive), everything is so spaced out. In England, land is at a premium. Here though, you could swing a cat in any direction.

Not that I’ve seen any cats being swung. Not yet, anyway.

When I landed at Houston, I had a gruelling wait for my shuttle to College Station.

As my pick-up time approached, I had some terrible flashes that I was at the wrong terminal/got the date wrong/no shuttle even existed.

Alas, I  persisted. Jock Steinburg (made up name, can’t remember what it actually was) turned up and asked whether I fancied going to CS, I bloody did.

So, off we went on our merry way. In this shuttle aka small mini-bus, I was joined with three other individuals.

As I was excited enroute to the place I’d been building up to going for months, I had visions of me and these three other people having a jolly good time as we celebrated our journey to the promised land of Aggie Football.

Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out this way. These dudes were in no mood to enjoy my company. They were three rather serious Chinese scholars.

My dreams of chanting Aggie fight songs and proclaiming that Johnny Manziel can do what he wants whilst sipping cheap American lager from stereotypical red cups were dashed.

Instead, I zipped my face as I watched these people prepare for their punishing academic studies.

I immediately knew they were under huge pressure from their parents so I sympathized with their lethargic antics. I ended the debacle by wishing them well. It pays to be the bigger man. Even if they still wouldn’t recognise my existence.

It taught me a valuable lesson though.

After walking around the campus, I began to appreciate that A&M is much more than the football team we get to see on sports channels across the pond.

Instead, it is a proud and thriving place of academic study. And a reputable one at that.

For now, I’ll have to save my enthusiasm for gameday. Roll on Saturday.

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