Sticking Up For Johnny Manziel – Again

As I got back to my hotel on Saturday afternoon, I was feeling good.

I’d just witnessed Texas A&M win convincingly. Plus it was good to be out of the 100 degree heat.

Basking in my fully air-conditioned room, I thought I’d pop the TV on to see some highlights of the game.

I was not prepared for what I was about to see.

ESPN analysts were talking about Johnny Manziel. I presumed they would be discussing his solid performance in which he contributed three touchdown passes. I was wrong. Very wong.

Instead, Johnny was getting it in the neck for earning a taunting penalty late on in the game.

As always when it comes to the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, everything was being blown out of proportion.

For example, one analyst had claimed as a result of this penalty, Jonny would lose the respect of his team and as a result, A&M wouldn’t have a shot at winning a National Championship.

I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever heard such rubbish in all my life. He may as well have topped it off by claiming Manziel is behind the trouble in Syria. The stupidity of his comments was ludicrous.

At the time of the penalty, A&M were leading by 20-something points. In the grand scheme of things, it really didn’t matter. And yet it is the only thing everyone is talking about.

When Manziel entered the game just after halftime, he was greeted with an electric Aggie reception. He topped it off with a salute to the student section. He was back in business.

You could tell that the adrenaline was flowing. This was a unique occasion. Just three days before, he didn’t know whether he’d ever wear the maroon and white again.

And when the adrenaline flows, you make poor judgement calls. Which is admittedly, what he did.

Did he do anything that hadn’t already been done in the game by a dozen other players though? Nope. All game players were taking cheap shots at each other. Gestures, trash-talk and acts of intimidation were happening all over the field.

Yet when Johnny does it. The rules are different. He gets flagged for it and suddenly A&M’s season is over because of it. Behave.