Texas A&M’s Newest Recruit – Me

There is a new face in Aggieland today. Mine.

Yesterday, I departed the British Isles for College Station. The home of Texas A&M University.

Naturally, you’re probably wondering why I travelled across the pond to an unfamiliar American state that is twice the size of England. Good question.

Well, after a stretch of selling my soul to the corporate world, a few months ago, I finally grew the cojones to do something about it.

It was late on a Sunday night. I was scrolling through online job centers looking for one thing: Hope.

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t have much luck. Working at Baguette Express did not appeal to me.

So what was I going to do about it? How was I going to get out of this rut without having to join the eccentric world of sandwich making?

I sat and mulled it over. Literally minutes passed. Nothing. I soon got hungry thinking of sandwiches.

And then it hit me. I’ll do what any normal person would do. Go to Texas.

Within a crazy week of emails, emails and more emails, the trip was booked and my bags were packed. Regardless of the fact the flight wasn’t for another three and a half months. I had been offered an opportunity that I couldn’t refuse.

That time has now elapsed and even as I sit here in College Station, I’m anxious, but excited. The fact it is 100 degrees outside as I type is enough to make anyone gulp. Let alone someone from rainy, cold and miserable England.

Anyway, to the good stuff and the fundamental reason why I’m here.


I will be in attendance for A&M’s schedule at Kyle Field this season. This includes the blockbuster that takes place on September 14th as National Champions Alabama come to town.

As each day got closer to coming out here, the daunting 10 hour flight got nearer and nearer. However,  the excitement and adrenaline of mixing with players such as Jake Matthews, Mike Evans and Johnny Manziel has so far contained the realization that I’ve headed 5,000 miles away from my comfort zone. Oh, and the lovely food helps too.

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