IMAG0670 August 28

Hotdogs, Dinosaurs and Cinematic History

There’s nothing more humbling and pathetic than witnessing a fully grown man sat on a booster seat in the middle of a cinema. The most damaging thought is: that could have been me. I’d been out of the movie theatre business for too long. The prospect of sitting next to a gentlemen with a smelly […]

IMAG0584 July 21

Returning To The Late Train Scene

If you are found anywhere near the inside of an English passenger train after 10pm on a Friday night, you better turn up ready and prepared. Thankfully, I hadn’t joined the ‘late train’ gang for quite some time. The vivid memories of watching law-breaking teenagers terrorising painfully shy people and fearless pensioners vomiting their false […]

IMAG0590 June 18

I Came. I Saw. I Conquered.

A well-spoken, rotund and jolly philosopher once exclaimed, “Life is too short – Let’s get trollied!” Off the back of such a groundbreaking and illustrious statement, an invention was made. Forget the wheel, telephone or Family Feast/Boneless Banquet KFC combo, I’m talking about the real good stuff – the holy grail of society, a heaven […]

Food menu May 27

An Alien World Tried To Recruit Me

Since being chased out of a fabled drinking establishment in Greenspoint, Texas, few things have rattled the inner fibres of my binary existence. However, an email received by an imposing Spanish gentleman called Jorge came very close. There I was, slowly sauntering in the general direction of a unpopular fast-food outlet, Mr Chicken – if […]

REV May 05

Denny’s Comes Up Trumps – Again

Just like with the interview I posted yesterday, here’s a blog that I penned when I was across the pond in November. It was written for Good Bull Hunting. Enjoy! Roughly 446 days have passed since I naively stumbled into the depths of an American diner that displayed a defiant, but garish red and yellow […]

Screen shot 2015-05-04 at 20.07.46 May 04

The Fan Show TexAgs Appearance

When I visited College Station in November to promote Marooned in Aggieland, I visited the TexAgs studios to discuss the book. This interview can be found here (please scroll to 23:48) – WATCH INTERVIEW Hope you enjoy, thanks and Gig ‘Em! Follow on Twitter: @GigEmNation Marooned in Aggieland is out now! Book Availability: Buy on Amazon […]

North South Collide Podcast April 13

New Season of North South Collide is Here

Hello! A new set of podcasts are up and ready. More on the way soon. Blurbs below. PEACE. Episode 22: The fellas are back. Some great stand-outs in this one, while the boys discuss the possibility of Dylan becoming a squatter. “You’ll get raided the sh** out of!” “I didn’t envision my late 20’s to […]

IMAG0417 April 01

The End of a Four Month Hiatus

After several months of growing a fierce beard, dodging treadmills and eating noodles straight out of a microwave, it is finally time to end a victory lap that has seen me celebrate the launch of my book for a third of a calendar year (still only $11.50 on Amazon, btw). For the time has arrived […]


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