TV coverage outside Kyle Field September 10

Podcast: North South Collide Episode 11

Episode 11 is here. “you didn’t leave on your own accord did you?” – Josh on Dylan’s exit from work. “my dad’s the sort of man who likes to leave the shower with his skin red” – Dylan on his old man. “the first thing i saw when i opened the door was a naked […]

20130830_103357 September 03

No Standard Bog Average Deals Here

This weekend marked the annual ‘beg my cable provider for a good deal’ process. After some initial difficulties in which I was put through to the wrong department on three consecutive occasions, I was finally put in touch with Malcolm. Malcolm had my proverbial fate in his hands. Either I would be spending the next […]

Kyle Field September 02

Podcast: North South Collide Episode 10

North South Collide – It’s back with a brand new episode for your predilection. The boys discuss the new college football season, pontificate on the wonders of technology and how it’s shaping our future, as well as unveiling new running back Randy Geldof to the world! “That’s not nice, that’s Jimmy Savile” – Josh on […]

Aggies jersey August 28

The Maroon Elephant In The Room

Thursday mornings aren’t usually the greatest. With a defined feeling of ‘why can’t it just be Friday already?’ lingering in the cold morning air, I usually sleepily meander to work in nothing more than a robotic state. Today? A seismic shift had entered the equation. I woke up, showered and changed – all to the […]

20140725_173502 August 21

Podcast: North South Collide Episode 9

The boys are back with a slightly shorter-than-usual length episode for your predilection. They touch on things such as the close-minded society of modern-world living vs the benefits of a slower, parochial way of life, and a few stories of past fights. “I’d have called the riot police” – Josh on what he’d have done […]

North South Collide Podcast August 08

Podcast: North South Collide Episode 8

The boys are back in town. Episode 8 is here and chocked full of fast-food related stories and work prank-call banter. “If you can’t polish it off in one sitting you don’t deserve it,” Josh, on the much maligned ‘doggy’ bag. Enjoy. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PODCAST FROM ITUNES CLICK TO LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD CLICK TO […]

20140726_155754 August 07

Nothing Short Of A Congealed Mess

I am going to go out on a limb and make a bold prediction. Sunday morning is going to be terribly awful. Why the blatant pessimism? Because I’ll be embarking on a five-hour journey across the British Isles, accompanied by a hangover the size of Lake Placid. Saturday marks the first weekend of the English […]

July 31

Podcast: North South Collide Episode 7

North South Collide is back with another episode. Amongst other things, Josh quizzes Dylan on his knowledge of NFL teams, and recounts an amusing tale on his hunt for gainful employment in which ‘Jean Pierre’ is unveiled to the world. It’s a cracker. Josh: “You’re not my Dad, thankfully.” Enjoy. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PODCAST FROM […]


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