Arial text July 21

Podcast: North South Collide Episode 6

North South Collide is back for a 6th instalment. The release of Josh’s book is on the horizon, and he discusses the artwork, the writing process, and hating Arial point 12. The World Cup is also discussed (this was recorded prior to) and England’s chances of glory discussed at length…oh no. “You are the polar […]

Kyle Field July 11

Podcast: North South Collide Episode 5

“long shorts…long shorts” (Josh, shaking his head). Dylan’s dress code is vilified and Josh recounts his first day in Texas in the new episode of the North South Collide. Here’s number 5 for y’all. Enjoy. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PODCAST FROM ITUNES CLICK TO LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD CLICK TO LISTEN ON STITCHER RSS FEED

Lager July 02

Podcast: North South Collide Episode 4

Welcome to E4. The boys spend a lot of time pontificating on music, their alcoholic beverage of choice, and, amongst other things, Josh’s approach to his first day in Texas and the London Olympics. As always, average at the very best. Enjoy. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PODCAST FROM ITUNES CLICK TO LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD CLICK TO LISTEN […]

Office block June 20

Podcast: North South Collide Episode 3

The North South Collide Podcast series returns with another episode of pure adulation. During this ‘tasty pod’, the boys pontificate on life for Dylan in the office running Social Ops, and Josh offers a flattering comparison between the boys and a comedy duo in the realms of Hollywood. Finally, Dylan offers his ‘outsider looking in’ […]

England Flag June 13

It’s Here! The World Bloody Cup

I will hastily cut to the chase and admit to loving the World Cup in a way that’s probably seen as overzealous by a majority of Planet Earth’s inhabitants. For the next four weeks, a bevy of emotions will dominate my life. When I’m not crying or eating sausages, I’ll be running down the street […]

Jacket Potato June 09

Podcast: North South Collide Episode 2

This episode the boys speak on food…food, and um, food. Surprisingly the phrase ‘I love a piece of salmon’ is uttered more than once. Likewise, there is an earth shattering anecdote that hails from the infamous College Station Denny’s. Honestly? Absolutely ‘average at best’. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PODCAST FROM ITUNES CLICK TO LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD RSS […]

North South Collide Podcast May 29

PODCAST: North South Collide Episode 1

Howdy! With the last few weeks and months proving to be an almighty scrum to get the book over the finish line (T-minus 6 days), the blog has been a neglected child of mine. To rectify this, I have called upon the help of a good friend  – Mr Dylan Yates. Consequently, we have collaborated […]

London May 07

The Calm Before The Drafty Storm

It’s hard to believe it’s four months since Texas A&M were victorious in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. Since that fateful day, the trials and tribulations have been nothing short of remarkable. As well as advancing to a socially acceptable level on Flappy Birds, I have witnessed the gradual refurbishment of a furniture showroom that sits roughly […]


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