Tan Antonio April 06

Oi Johnny! You call that a Pro Day?

The dust has finally settled on the glitz, glam and pizzazz of Jonathan Paul Manziel’s much anticipated NFL Pro Day. As Johnny Football avoided broomsticks hitting him in the face and general groin region, it quickly reminded me of a standard Friday night in my local watering hole. The whole episode got me thinking. What […]

Champagne March 15

Another Weekend. Another Deadline

It’s official. I am a man on a mission. By midnight on Sunday, I plan to be swigging on champagne, devouring truffles and river-dancing around the perimeter of my writing booth. Why the projected celebratory mood? Because I am on the brink of finishing the first draft of a slab of literature that is affectionately […]

Doritos February 21

NFL Combine Brings Some Home Truths

Yesterday, someone asked me what my plans were for this coming weekend. Naturally, I answered. It quickly became apparent that British society is not yet ready for people sitting at home, eating twelve bags of Doritos and watching a bunch of American college graduates run 40 yards as fast as they can. The look I […]

Steak February 14

Roses Are Red, Football Is Dead

You can try to hide it as much as you like. Deep down, everyone knows the score. You’re struggling. With the football season months away, you attempt to secure comfort by spending multiple evenings scrolling through thousands of mock drafts. Where’s Johnny Manziel going? Where’s Mike Evans going? Hopefully not Cleveland. Relax. I share your […]

Birthday Cake February 04

National Signing Day Eases The Pain

I’m not afraid to hold my hands up and admit that I’m currently suffering from a heavy bout of post-Super Bowl depression. The worst thing about waking up on Monday wasn’t the realization that there is no more football for the next six months. Instead, it was something far worse. Once I had arisen from […]

A Football January 31

Staying Up For The Super Bowl

Watching the Super Bowl in England is a marathon, not a sprint. With the big show kicking off at approximately 23:30, one thing is key. Preparation. Over the last couple of years, I have devised a strategy that is designed to see me through until the unholy hours of the morning. Take last year for […]

Food menu January 29

Vegetarians Should Not Read This

‘According to the National Chicken Council, Americans will consume 1.25 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday.’ When reading the above, most people will be drawn to the second half of the sentence. Not me. I’m far more impressed with the fact that the United States of America has a council solely dedicated to chicken. […]

Jersey of Manziel January 16

An Open Letter To The NFL Gods

Dear NFL Gods, I feel like the time is right to end my radio silence after hearing that two NFL ‘draft gurus’ have predicted in their latest mock drafts that Johnny Manziel will end up in the hell hole that is formally known as Cleveland. Just imagining Johnny in a Browns uniform is enough to […]


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